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Relaxology Services

Feel tight in your shoulder or lower back? Let us fix it for you. The body massage therapy releases energy and improves circulation, contributing to overall well- being. Reflex and relax! Our unique approach to massage therapy will help your body work better so you can live better. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Body work

    Body Work is the ultimate solution to revitalizing and restoring your body, mind and soul. We provide personalized massage treatments that range from a deep, therapeutic experience to gentle relaxation techniques. With each session you'll feel renewed energy flowing through your body as we expertly release tension, ease stress and unwind any tight muscles.

  • Oil massage

    Experience the ultimate feeling of relaxation with an oil massage. Our expert masseurs use only premium quality oils to soothe your aches and pains, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. With a combination of gentle, nurturing strokes and deep tissue massage, we guarantee that your body will be energized and ready for whatever lies ahead.

  • Deep tissue massage

    Designed for those needing extra attention to target stubborn knots and tight muscles, this therapeutic massage will help you ease pain and restore balance throughout your body. An experienced therapist will use slow strokes and firm pressure to relieve tension from even the most hardened areas of your body, allowing you to enjoy a renewed sense of comfort.

  • Free shower

    Get squeaky clean and refresh your entire body with a relaxing shower. Never worry about running out of hot water or having to pay extra for a premium experience. Free showers are available every day, so you can get the perfect level of cleanliness whenever you need it. With its adjustable temperature settings, this cost-free bathing system is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and recharged!

  • Body waxing

    Our professional waxing service is designed to reduce irritation and provide long-lasting results. Enjoy a pain free experience with our fast, gentle and effective waxing that leaves your skin feeling comfortable, soft and incredibly smooth. We use only natural products to ensure maximum safety as well as give you a beautiful look that lasts longer than traditional shaving methods.

  • Trimming and shaving

    We provide a safe and comfortable way to remove excess body hair, leaving your skin feeling smooth and confident. Our experienced professionals use only the highest quality products for maximum effectiveness. Whether you need a quick trim or complete shave, we guarantee precision results every time. With our salon-grade services, you'll have fresh-looking skin that feels like silk.

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