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Bricks Builder Templates Bundle

All you need is bricks & bricks templates

Boost your projects with accessibility-centered Bricks Templates bundle. Easily import them with just one click in your builder. You'll find full-page templates, landing page templates, reusable components, animated buttons, and wireframes that make your projects breeze through to completion.

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Why bricks templates?

Websites created using Bricks Templates stand on their own, not needing help from other tools or updates made by outsiders. This makes them resilient and steady.

  • No Overhead

    No framework dependency just vanilla Bricks. Super light.

  • BEM Organized

    Well organized with BEM for global control and scalability.

  • Full Pages

    Get your concept idea with beautiful full-page templates.

  • Wireframes

    Beautiful wireframes, Ready to style with BEM classes.

  • Woo Layouts

    One set of Woo layout and coming more in future.

  • Components

    Reusable components for easy implementation.

  • semantic hTML

    Carefully build with semantic HTML for accessibility.

  • Remote Templates

    One click import within builder. Easy & convenience.

  • Responsive

    Templates are well tested and looks good on all devices.

  • One time payment

    We care about quality and affordability for all users.

  • Nothing left out

    Full pages, Landing pages, Wireframes and components.

  • Nee more?

    Request your layout need. We are ready to help.

Growing library

You don't deserve to start from scratch. 400+ Bricks Builder Templates to start and more are coming !

Help to improve bricks template

  • Report issues

    Whenever you found issues with bricks templates. Please write us ASAP.
  • Give advices

    Your advices are always welcome. Keep and touch with us whenever you have an new idea.
  • Request layouts

    If you need something for your project, you are feel free to reach us and request.

Happy user

Hermes Macedo

Hermes Macedo


I was looking for a library with layout options to make building pages even easier. When I found Bricks Templates I couldn’t believe it. Creator is always updating the variations. And if it has an example layout it can’t find, it builds it. I recommend buying, as they are an option of different and beautiful¬†layouts.